You know that stereotypical 1950’s immigration story where your grandparents leave their country with nothing but their suitcases and a pocket full of dreams?

Well, we did that…in 2018. (actually we also had an extra 10kg’s of carry on plus everything else we shoved in our handbags, but you get the jist)

So we moved to Italy from Australia to chase a crazy dream of building our own fashion brand, not fully understanding just how difficult (and expensive) it was going to be. Not to mention how much we were going to miss our friends and family (we may or may not FaceTime our Mum 3 times a day, but hey, who's counting?)

But why move to the other side of the world to do it you ask?

Don’t get us wrong, we lived a very comfortable life back home in Melbourne, but that was the point. We were becoming too comfortable in our routines of everyday life that we kept putting our true dream of starting this business on the back burner. Our “real” jobs were getting in the way and other things kept creeping up to the top of our to-do lists.

Phurgus is a labor of love for the both of us and we wanted to pour everything into it and by moving to Florence, we are truly able to do so.

There is something about the city of Florence that captured both our hearts from the very first time we came here in 2012 that moving here and developing our brand feels like the most natural and logical decision to make.

So here we are….. teaching ourselves how to build a website, discussing marketing strategies, designing new styles, sourcing new fabrics and planning photo shoots from the living room of our 200 year old 3rd floor walk up apartment that we swear is haunted (windows and doors keep opening on their own).

So please follow us on this journey and see what happens next, it’s going to be fun!

Tanti baci,

C&E xx